5 Benefits of Eating Watermelon

If you talk about the best fruit for healing your body, then watermelon takes the cake as its amazing health benefits cannot be argued with at all. From your brain to your feet, this powerful super fruit heals, hydrates and benefits you everywhere.

One of the best times in eating this succulent, juicy fruit is in the summers when watermelons are in season and the ripe ones are bursting with delicious flavour and packed with nutrients, vitamins and minerals.

Here are a few benefits of eating watermelon:

1. It hydrates you.

Watermelons are extremely hydrating with up to 92% water content in them!

2. It is very low in fat.

Since watermelons are mostly comprised of water, they are naturally low in fat and very high in nutrients.

3. It provides you with more lycopene than raw tomatoes.

Lycopene is an intensely powerful caretenoid antioxidant which provides the lovely pink hue found in many fruits and vegetables.

4. It relieves soreness in achy muscles.

A study revealed that people who drank watermelon juice prior to a workout experienced much less muscle soreness than those that consumed an energy drink.

5. Its rind and seeds combined are a powerhouse of health benefits.

Watermelon seeds have iron, zinc, protein and fiber. Roast them for a tasty crunchy snack. The rind when mixed with lime juice and blended makes for a refreshing summer treat. It is packed with health-boosting and blood-building chlorophyll and the heart-healthy immune system building amino acid citrulline.